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Is Your Patio Big?
Patio Heaters by the area they heat. Make sure you have the right Patio Heater for the area you want to heat!

The Domestic Patio
Infrared Patio Heaters for the domestic patio, large or small.

The Hotel Patio
Commercial Infrared Patio Heaters, ideal for hotel patios, terraces, gazebos etc...

The Restaurant Patio
Infrared Heaters for outdoor catering areas like restaurant and pub patios. Extend the day and the season.

The Bar & Cafe Patio
Infrared heating for Bar and Cafe outdoor seating areas.

The Gazebo or Loggia
Indoor and outdoor patio heaters.Gazebo Heaters.


Crocodilla Garden is dedicated to in depth profiles of new products being promoted by Crocodilla. The first of our in depth profiles covers the Solamagic® Range of Infrared Heaters for Outdoors and In!

The New Patio Heater from Solamagic and CrocodillaThe New Patio Heater

Patio heaters allow you to extend your evenings outdoors, not only in the summer, but also in spring and autumn. Although patio heaters have only been around for a few years there are many models available including gas heaters, electric heaters, solid-fuel-burning chimineas and braziers. However, now through Solamagic®, there is a new class of patio heater.


Patio Heaters

Our Patio Heaters that are efficient, effective, economic, eco friendly and eye pleasing! The Solamagic® range of infrared heaters is designed to perfection, providing optimum performance along with stunning style.

They look like they belong on the patio’s and terraces of the world’s very best hotels while sitting beautifully on your patio or loggia and are sure to impress all visitors.

Infrared Heating provides a safe, economic, efficient and eco friendly solution to all your outdoor heating needs in both the domestic and commercial environments.

Providing instant heat across considerable distances, with little to no disturbance by the breeze or even wind makes the Solamagic®  Infrared Heater, the Patio Heater of choice!

Infrared Heaters

Infrared Patio Heaters are probably the most recent entry into the available model mix of patio heater, but their advantages lift them head and shoulders above the rest. So why haven’t they taken the market by storm? The answer is twofold, in that firstly, there were very few free standing models available originally and secondly, we’re back to the design! Some looked cheap and nasty, some looked plain ugly even in comparison to the tower style gas heater with its large gas tank container and its flying saucer heater that were impossible to fit unobtrusively into any traditional patio or garden area.

The Solamagic® range breaks this mould. They have the look and performance of a top class professional product and are being welcomed by both domestic and commercial customers alike.

Outdoor Heaters

Unlike traditional outdoor gas heaters, which can result in high temperatures close to the heat source and lower temperatures further away, infrared heat, which is the product of light which travels through the air, provides a comfortable even temperature directly to people and surfaces that the light (which is beyond our visible spectrum) lands on. The infrared patio heater also emits its heat as it is switched on, there is no warming up period which is a God send for users of outdoor heaters. As the infrared light lands on a person they are given warmth, as they step out of the path of the infrared light the warmth stops, like stepping from sunlight into shade.

The Garden Heater

Commonly called patio heaters, the Solamagic® infrared range can also be used as garden heaters.

These outdoor heaters are excellent heat sources when attached to loggias, pergolas and gazebos and the free standing models, called Sundowners, can literally be situated anywhere in a garden with an even surface like lawns or paved areas.

They can also be attached to awnings and parasols and even windbreaks! The larger commercial models can be attached to bespoke tripod stands, which make these large heat sources incredibly versatile within the commercial arena. 

Infrared Garden Heaters

The infrared garden heaters, which are available in a range of sizes and power configurations, provide a safe and environmentally friendly solution to heating those areas of a garden which would benefit visitors or guests. The only significant requirement would be a power source, which in the domestic environment, can be easily provided with an extension cable.

Infrared Heaters vs Gas Heaters

A brief comparison between a 1400 watt Solamagic® infrared heater and a 4000 watt Gas Heater leaves little wonder as to why our customers are welcoming this new patio heater for both domestic and commercial use.

In terms of efficiency 92% of the energy consumed by the Solamagic® infrared heater is converted into direct heat radiation compared to only 40% by the gas heater, a massive difference.As the switched is pressed, the Solamagic® patio heater generates heat. It takes only 1 second to reach 90% capacity compared with a 5 minute warm up period of the gas appliance to reach 90% capacity.
On an eco note, the gas appliance directly emits CO2, whereas Solamagic® heaters do not produce any CO2 emission at all. The gas appliance is also effected by wind which hampers it’s heat emission whereas the Solamagic® Infrared Patio Heater remains unaffected.

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